There has been an explosion of interest in complementary currencies as of late, especially as Bitcoin has gained recognition in the mainstream. However the idea of using forms of money that lie outside the conventional currencies supplied by governments and central banks is as old as money itself. There is a rich history of currencies which operate independently or in parallel to more widely known and circulated money, and with the introduction of new models and technology, we are poised to see a significant shift in how we think about and use money.

The Complementary Economics Foundation will support the growing movement of practitioners, academics, and policymakers working to activate and improve these models in society. Improving the consistency and quality of impact generated by these models will come from bringing practitioners together into communities of practice, creating shared resources for researchers, and giving policymakers an authoritative source of information regarding the types and benefits of such currencies.

We will work in partnership with leading institutions and organizations in the field.

• International Reciprocal Trade Association
• New Economics Foundation
• Qoin
• Schumacher Institute

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